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Livali’s First Blog Post – Introduction To CBB Products

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Livali’s First Blog Post – Introduction To CBB Products

For thousands of years humans have known about the amazing healing powers and health promoting effects of the Cannabis plant.

Yet due to confusion and other reasons, it was made illegal and taken away from the people.

The Cannabis plant is one of the most useful on the planet. But it’s a complicated story we’ll dive into here at Livali over time to educate you on everything you’d want to know to decide if Cannabis products are for you.

First, Cannabis is a plant family. You have Marijuana and you have Hemp. Hemp is non psycho-active while Marijuana is psycho-active giving the the high effect.

This is due to compounds known as Cannabinoids, and their incredible effects on the body. With over 100+ identified Cananbinoids in Cannabis plants there is still very little research on most of them.

The two main Cannabinoids are THC and CBD. The former is in high amounts in the Marijuana plant is responsible for the high feeling of smoking “weed”. This single compound is what got Cannabis a bad name.

While we do not promote or sell THC products and that is probably many years away it is very well known that it has many benefits on the body, especially with cancers. With that said, in the hemp plant there is very low amounts of THC and extremely high amounts of CBD or “Cannabidiol”.

This is the compound we promote, and you’ve probably already heard about being used in the form of CBD oil to help all kinds of illnesses and relieve symptoms such as pain. Ultimately CBD is not for treating symptoms but working inside the body to heal underlying chronic problems by helping the body heal itself through reducing inflammation & many more things.

These are all topics we will be exploring here on the blog. As well as the best CBD products to purchase, what you should use for your specific challenges or if you’re just looking to add a supplement to your life.

CBD is great even if you have no issues. It helps improve sleep, reduce inflammation and is brilliant for calming anxiety & stress. We are here to share this information with the world and create the best products at the most affordable prices for the people.