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CBD Tincture / Drops

The Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture / Drops

Our innovative range of full spectrum CBD oil allows you to get all of the benefits of CBD, with the added benefits of other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG. Oil or “CBD tinctures” as they are commonly referred to are an easy way to adjust serving size, frequency and strength of CBD product to find the perfect dose for your needs.

The Beginners Guide To CBD Oil

If you’re on this page then I’m guessing you’ve heard all the rage about CBD Oil, and you’re curious if it’s something that would help you. Inside this beginners guide to CBD oil we hope to answer that question you on everything you need to know to make an informed decision whether CBD oil is right for you, and what products to buy.

How To Get Started With CBD

All CBD oils or tinctures come in various strengths and sizes depending on your needs. The idea is to start with the lower strength and adjust the serving and frequency before trying higher doses meant for more therapeutic uses. Our range of CBD oils as many others come in a variety of flavors like natural, peppermint and lemon. You take the oil and consume it sublingually applying it directly under your tongue; leaving it for a minute and swallowing. This allows for a rapid absorption of CDB and effect as well as leaves your mouth feeling fresh from the natural, mint or lemon flavor.

What Is CBD Oil & Why Do You Need It?

CBD oil is made my dissolving CBD extract with an oil and put into a bottle. Cannabidiol or “CBD” for short as its commonly referred to is one of the primary compounds found in the hemp plant has been shown to have a wide array or therapeutic benefits. But isn’t hemp the same as marijuana that gets you “high”? Actually no, Hemp is one plant in the Cannabis family. It’s cousin Marijuana is the plant high in the compound THC which is known for its effects of getting you high. Unlike Marijuana, hemp and CBD is completely non-psychoactive and has actually been shown to have the opposite effect. For hundreds of even thousands of years the benefits of the Cannabis plant have been known to cultures around the world. Yet they have been banned and suppressed due to their relation to Marijuana and THC. Fortunately saner heads have prevailed in recent years with the legalization of industrial hemp and its use for creating CBD products for medicinal purposes. CBD is just one of the “cannabinoids” found in the hemp plant, with there being many others such as CBN, CBG and CBC. In fact over 100 different cannabinoids have been isolated in the Cannabis plant, many of which have simply not been fully studied or understood for their benefits yet. With that said it’s become very clear by science that while CBD is one of the most prominent and beneficial Cannabinoids in the hemp plant, all of them work together along with other chemical compounds such as Terpenes to create a synergistic, beneficial effect. While we are not allowed to sell CBD to treat or cure diseases, a mere Google search will result in thousands upon thousands of real stories from people who have used CBD to relieve themselves of countless issues from anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, seizures and much more.

So How Does CBD And CBD Oil Work?

CBD and other cannabinoids work by interacting with your own body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate and balance various aspects of your health.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

To answer this you should first know that we already produce our own cannabinoids and have a system inside us that’s uses them throughout the body to support physiological processes to achieve a state or homeostasis or balance. So what the heck are these little cannabinoids anyway?

Well you can think about them as little fighting cells in your body that are simply there to make sure your body is functioning properly. While this is a pretty new discovery, we now know that almost everything has its own endocannabinoid system and the Cannabis plant is one of the few external sources of Cannabinoids we can use to supplement our own.

The endocannabinoid system or ECS for short is in charge of many different processes around creating balance. Some of them include things like pain perfection, appetite, sleep, memory and even your own mood. It also works directly with your immune system to create a state of harmony in the body’s defence systems.

Now to the bad news. As we grow older our endocannabinoid system stops working so well and starts having a harder time maintaining balance in the body. One of the key things it focuses on is balancing out inflammation in the body, and as we all know when you have too much inflammation many chronic health problems can occur like joint pain or arthritis all the way to heart problems.

Thanks to science we now know of a simple, effective way to support our ECS system by replenishing it with an external source of cannabinoids like using a good CBD oil.

When we run low on cannabinoids our bodies start to malfunction and all of these chronic health problems we complain about can occur. CBD oil or CBD tinctures we they are called is the easiest, simplest way to stop this process of degradation. The Cannabis/hemp plant was put on the earth as the source of cannabinoids we can use to support our ECS system which in turn creates a state of balance.

Many users report chronic health problems such as joint pain, arthritis and other issues such as seizures rapidly going away after supplementing with CBD oil. CBD is the most common of all the 100+ cannabinoids found in hemp. Once you start using an external source of cannabinoids to support your ECS you may find your body re-balancing itself.

Whether you have pain, inflammation of joints or sleep or anxiety problems these are usually a result of imbalance and inflammation that CBD oil has been shown to help. It’s time you get yourself out of balance and into balance with the healing powers of CBD. With virtually no side effects and complete legalization now is the time to add CBD to your life.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits - CBD Oil Uses

There are many uses and benefits of CBD oil. By reading anecdotal evidence like stories online you will come across literally thousands of uses from people all over the world. With that said there are various uses and benefits most people who use CBD oil seek.

De-Stress And Relax Easing Anxiety

The vast majority of CBD users report feeling less stressed out, more happy and relaxed with life after using it for a few weeks. Even though it can be hard to notice right away unless you have a more direct-use case like pain; CBD makes things easier.

Whether you are just stressed out from work or suffer from anxiety or you have a little trouble getting up in the morning CBD oil may be the most impactful supplement for you. While CBD oils won’t make your problems disappear most users report feeling a sense of calm and level headedness we can all benefit from.

While we can’t promise to treat or cure diseases CBD oil has been shown to help people who suffer from serious anxiety and depression as well. Just read any of the thousands of stories online about this to understand it properly and whether it may be right for you.

Increase Sleep Quality And Get Over Insomnia

One of the most noticeable aspects of taking CBD is that it does totally chill you out and an effect of that is helping you get to sleep easier. While taking small amounts can actually work as a stimulant, medium to large doses can have the opposite effect.

As well as helping you fall asleep faster, users report being able to sleep deeper, for longer and experiencing truly more restful sleep. There is a reason it is loved by insomnia suffers and used widely in that community.

Ease Pains And Aches

CBD oil has been widely used by athletes for recovering from hard workouts or sport sessions as well as gym goers. It helps ease muscles and reduce recovery time for many users.

Then you have the millions of suffers from joint pain and arthritis around the world who would benefit greatly from adding CBD oil to their life. CBD has been shown to be one of the most potent anti-inflammatory compounds on the planet.

Whether you have a hard time bending over or suffer from joint pain or back pain CBD oil has shown to drastically lessen pain and increase quality of life in users using CBD for pain/inflammation related issues. Remember most chronic illness and health problems stem from your body being out of balance and inflammation.

Brain Health

CBD has been shown to act as a neuroprotect as well as an antioxidant. It has numerous benefits on the brain and directly has been shown to have a positive effect on memory. It’s anti-inflammatory effects do wonders for brain health and it even has the potential to help certain users recover from brain trauma or injury.

CDB Oil For Skin

CBD skin care products are booming for a reason. It’s been shown to help clear the skin and give a glowing look to those who use CBD consumables as well as creams or lotions.

From skin care for regular users to even helping eczema and psoriasis sufferers. It reduces inflammation in the skin which is a problem of eczema and psoriasis, easing pain, bringing down swelling and rashes.

This is just a small list of the many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects or benefits of CBD oil use in humans. We highly encourage you to try a CBD product today such as one of our full-spectrum CBD oils to see how you may benefit.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

While there are many types of CBD products available such as the ones we offer a good full spectrum CBD oil is the best choice for most users. We offer them directly on and can ship to most countries around the world. First, you should understand the right dosages and frequency. It’s easy to assume that the most CBD oil you take the better the results will be.

The truth is every user is affected differently by supplementation of any compound and it comes down to you and your biology. With that said CBD oil is completely safe and there is no fatal level known. Lots of CBD is good, and low amounts is bad.

The key is knowing how much CBD you are putting in your body with each dropper of a tincture or capsule or whatever else. Our full-spectrum CBD oil is simply labelled and comes with very clear instructions on the right dosage for you according to why you are using it.

So with all that said once again here is a simplified answer in the form of a chart from which you can use as a starting point.

best cbd oil for sale - cbd dosages

You should take the suggested amount based on your weight and the severity of your condition. Start with a small amount and increase it depending on how your body feels. You may feel like a low amount of CBD helps your conditions or increases your quality of life while high amounts cause you to feel tired or a little too relaxed.

Just remember that dosing CBD is completely subjective, you should start low and increase to based on what makes you feel best. If you suffer from chronic pain you may choose to take CDB oil every time you feel pain come on. If however you are using it for general supplementation for your health you might like to take it late in the evening close before bed time.

Personally, I like to take CBD early in the morning in the form of our CBD coffee for a relaxed, stress-free start to my day. Running businesses can be quite stressful so I find it helps me relax throughout the day. Other users may find our coffee or taking oil too early makes them too relaxed for their work day.

The team at Livali enjoys our CBD coffee for breakfast a few times a week at least, as well capsules to support specific problems while on the go, and CBD oil while at home. It's up to you how you decide to dose your CBD and in what products you like to take it from.

Everything will give you a different experience so we encourage you to test out our various products to see what is right for you. There is no correct answer here. Finally we have one last question to answer in this ultimate CBD oil guide.

How To Find The Right Dosage Per Dropper Of CBD Oil

One of the challenges with some CBD oils is it's not clear how much is in each full dropper of liquid. We will update this later with a full analysis but we found this excellent breakdown from another company:

cbd dosing