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CBD Capsules

How To Get Started With CBD Oil Capsules

If you’re wondering if CBD Oil capsules or hemp oil capsules are for you then pay attention as this will be the most in-depth guide to CBD capsules and by the time you reach the end; you’ll have all your questions answered. buy cbd capsules If you’re new to the world of CBD then you’ve probably already come across all kinds of information out there on the best types of CBD and you’ve discovered just how overwhelming it all can be. So long story short CBD capsules are the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to add CBD oil into your life. If you are someone who likes to use supplements already then a CBD capsule is the most simple way to take CBD and it’s also very easy to keep track of when you need to re-order since most like our Livali CBD capsules are designed for 30 days.

Benefits Of Supplementing With CBD Capsules

  • The fastest and easiest form of taking CBD.
  • Portable you can literally take them anywhere.
  • Exactly the right dose. Never take too much or too little.
  • Lasts for longer. CBD capsules tend to take longer to have effect and also last longer making them a great solution throughout your day.

CBD Oil Capsules V.S. The Rest

With so many forms of CBD being marketed it’s important to understand why you might want to consume capsules over other products. Our standard full-spectrum oils, vape juices and more all have their place but capsules remain the easiest way for a new user to get started. As well as a great addition to any CBD arsenal for trips away or a discreet way of consumption out of the house or on vacation. Vaping CBD for example is a great way for rapid onset of effects which is great for users with chronic issues but for the casual user a CBD capsule is the perfect way to use CBD as a supplement to your existing health regimen. Other forms of CBD like tinctures which are marketed as “CBD Oil” are taken orally via a pipet and can be hard to get the right dosage. Sometimes you take too little and sometimes you take too much. Many users also do not love the taste of taking the oil sublingually. With CBD capsules you can test an exact amount of CBD to see how it affects you, and choose to take one or more capsules at a time. Capsules are also some of the best value for money of all CBD products you can find. With a supplement bottle lasting easily 30 days and costing $39.99-$69.99 it can be affordable yet highly effective compared to other products costing upwards of $100 for the same dosage.

What Are CBD Capsules And Why Would You Take Them Anyway?

CBD capsules are the most simple form of adding CBD oil to your life. CBD or Cannabidiol the full term is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. When we say that you are probably asking yourself is this is going to get you “high” as many users first question. The answer is a firm “no” because CBD does not come from the plant that “weed” comes from. Weed or “Marijuana” is the other species of Cannabis while CBD comes from the Hemp plant which has virtually 0% THC responsible for the high sensation. This distinction has confused people for decades and was responsible for the slow process of bringing out the truth about the amazing healing powers of CBD.

What Does CBD Do In The Body?

As we’ve explained in our full CBD guide CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system or “ECS” for short to help achieve state of balance or “homeostasis” in the body. The endocannabinoid system is found throughout the body and its primary function is achieving balance in the body’s physiological systems.

What Does This Mean?

The ECS works directly with the immune system to help maintain the correct amount of inflammation. The immune system keeps your body health in many ways, namely by managing inflammation and anti-inflammation. If you produce too much inflammation as I'm sure you are aware you can suffer from many chronic issues like arthritis, joint pain, getting sick all the time and many other things.  The ECS helps the immune system function properly bringing this state of balance to your body for optimal health. By consuming CBD you are basically supplementing your endocannabinoid system and indirectly supporting the immune system to do its job optimally. The ECS is not only found in the immune system but throughout all of your body’s physiological systems including the brain, nervous system, organs and other places. The ECS is a recent finding in science but we now know it helps support countless processes in the body and when it’s out of whack many problems can occur. The CBD supplementation helps your body achieve balance through the ECS. By supplementing CBD users often see chronic health problems from inflammation virtually disappear or drastically improve in a short amount of time.

Are CBD Capsules Dangerous?

One other question we get is whether or not you can take too much CBD. Especially in the form of a capsule users wonder if there’s such a thing as overdosing on CBD or if the capsules should be locked away from children. As with all supplements they should be kept away in a safe place and only be consumed by people who have done their research and approved by their doctor. With that said all of the research points towards the fact that CBD hemp capsules are perfectly safe to use. Taking CBD pills on a daily basis has never occured in a serious problem. In fact there are no fatal levels of CBD consumption currently known by science. We are more than able to consume high levels with usually the only negative side effect being a little tiredness or feeling too relaxed. CBD capsules are pefectly safe and fit for consumption by anyone, but there are a few things you should be concerned about.

Buying CBD Capsules

The main thing you need to know when buying CBD capsules is that there are two different types. You can buy isolate or full spectrum. Isolate is where they exact only the Cannabinoid CBD aka Cannabidiol. But there are many other cannabinoids found in hemp like CBDA and CBC, all of which have their own unique benefits. The other type is full spectrum CBD capsules. This is where the full range of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are extracted into the final product including other beneficial things like terpenes. Terpenes are phytochemicals found in the hemp plant responsible for their unique range of smells. They have been found to play a role in the human body and are very beneficial. That’s why you want to make sure you are purchasing a full spectrum CBD supplement. If you purchase our capsules from Livali you have nothing to worry about as we already have full spectrum oils in all of our products as we believe they are the best.  

Will CBD Capsules Make Me All Weird Or Negatively Affect My State?

One of the most common questions we get about supplementing with CBD capsules because of their “time-released” nature is will it make them feel weird or tired. The simple answer is “probably not”. CBD supplementation is all about finding the right dosage that works for you and understanding the reason why you are supplementing. If you are a health freak like us and simply want to add this “new miracle” to your life then a lower dose is right for you and will probably have no noticeable effect on your mental state other than feeling more relaxed and at ease throughout the day. If however you want a therapeutic dose for anxiety or depression or insomnia issues then enough CBD can make you feel too chilled out and a little tired. Our CBD capsules are designed with this in mind which is why we specifically designed CBD capsules for different users. It’s extremely rare for someone to complain about CBD giving them a negative experience, it’s usually very positive which is why CBD has been exploding since it became legal.

Can CBD Capsules Cure Me?

While none of our products sold here at Livali are intended to treat or cure any specific illness many users report great results for many chronic problems. From insomnia to pain to anxiety and depression. Adding CBD to your life may help support balance in the body and a feeling of well-being with little to no side effects. For that reason we believe CBD is one of the most beneficial compounds to supplement with for all kinds of reasons.

CBD Capsules For Specific Purposes

The world’s best CBD capsules with targeted support. This is the newest, easiest and fastest way to get all of the benefits of CBD in a few seconds per day. Our niche CBD capsules are perfect for users who want to target specific problems and our customers report amazing results. Our CBD supplements contain between 20mg and 50mg per capsule with added ingredients for each purpose. Our CBD Sleep Support supplement contains Valerian Root, Chamomile and Melatonin to induce the perfect deep sleep, eliminate restlessness and help overcome sleep issues like Insomnia. The CBD capsules for pain and inflammation is the perfect choice for those suffering from tight muscles, joint pain and arthritis. With added Curcumin and other powerful inflammation fighting ingredients it’s perfect for any adult particularly those past the age of 40. Finally we have the ultimate CBD product for anxiety and depression. While we cannot claim to treat or cure any illness and our products are dietary supplements users report incredible results with these capsules. With 50mg of CBD per capsule, HTP-5, Choline, Bacopa and other ingredients it’s the most powerful blend on the market for relieving stress, and dealing with anxiety or mild depression. Browse our range of amazing CBD capsule supplements and see what’s right for you or choose to bundle them together. CBD capsules for brain support or CBD nootropics are also on the way!