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CBD Coffee

Why CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is simply coffee beans infused with Cannabidiol or CBD for short. The infusion process varies from adding CBD oil into the coffee to directly infusing it with various methods. It's a new revolutionary way to experience the benefits of CBD by combining it with the benefits of coffee.

Why CBD Coffee?

For many users CBD coffee gives them an easy way to add CBD into their life without having to swallow capsules or use liquid droppers. With coffee being the world's favorite beverage and having its own set of health benefits, adding CBD creates a magical combination. It's also reported by many users to work synergistically with caffeine. The CBD provides an amazing balance to caffeine and for many users it helps alleviate the jitters and anxiety that can come from drinking too much.

Wait, shouldn’t caffeine and CBD work against each other since one is an upper while the other is a downer?

In recent months CBD coffee has come under some criticism for sounding rather contradictory. CBD is usually a downer for making you feel very relaxed and all-round "chilled" while coffee increase your heart rate and gives you a buzz. Well... new studies are showing that the two may actually work synergistically in some way that we are yet to full understand. With that said anyone who has actually tried CBD coffee knows well that the two work together to give you a "relaxed coffee buzz". It was thought that they may negatively cancel each other's effects out but instead; you get the best of both worlds. At smaller doses CBD can actually work as a stimulant, and have the opposite effect at much larger doses. Everyone reacts differently to different amounts but our CBD coffee is reported by many to be the perfect way to start off a relaxed day. Especially for those who usually suffer from coffee jitters or anxiety.

How does CBD coffee make you feel when you drink it?

While it's impossible to tell you exactly how your experience will be, the general consensus is pretty clear. It will take away some of the anxiety and jitters usually caused from caffeine, and give your coffee a much more relaxed effect on you. This is simply according to a lot of evidence from users, that it really takes off the edge and makes you feel good. The only downsides some people can report is it making them feel too relaxed. It's recommended to experiment with our products in small doses first. One cup at the start of the day or after a day's work to wind down and relax with your favorite movie or book.

Coffee V.S. CBD

Coffee is most known for helping people wake up in the morning and giving them short bursts of energy usually followed with a crash. Coffee is a natural antioxidant for your body. While we get many antioxidants from our diet coffee has some of the highest levels of any food product or supplement in the world. It's also great for your liver, helps support brain function and relieves stress.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. It works directly with your body's endocannabinoid system to restore balance to the body and improve its systems. From anxiety relief and pain relief to its amazing anti-inflammatory effects our CBD coffee is probably the best tasting & healthiest coffee you can ever taste. If you are thinking about trying CBD coffee or CBD for the first time we highly recommend you try our CBD coffee beans.