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About Livali

Founded in early 2018 Livali is a new family owned business with a big mission. After a decade of experience in the world of ecommerce and marketing as well as being avid health fanatics; we decided to focus on high quality products over everything else.

We started Livali with one goal; to educate readers about different health products and practices that would enrich their lives. As well as to provide the best, and only what we believe to be essential health products and supplements starting with CBD Cannabidiol products.

After suffering from joint pain & depression at an early age and experiencing the life changing effects of CBD on those issues we knew we had to become a player in this space with the aim to just do it better.

That’s why we are working hard to bring you the best, most up to date information that will help improve your life for the better. Whether it’s CBD information or alternative supplementation our goal is to help you live better for longer.

That is the meaning behind Livali. Live better for longer. We couldn’t have coined it any better ourselves.

On top of our family values Livali was launched with the desire to give back. To give back to farmers, support poor communities and give others opportunities they would never have. That’s why with every purchase of a Livali product a small percentage will be used to fund charitable projects and support sustainable communities in poor areas of the world.

To learn more from us please visit our blog or connect with us on social media.

At Livali our only real focus is creating one of the most loved health brands in the world by focusing on quality products that deliver!

Jamie Hudson